Noninvasive Ultrasound Facial Contouring
Ultrasonic contouring

This treatment eliminates the aged facial fat cells and induces the natural tissue regeneration to increase the elasticity in the skin.
After 12 to 18 months of treatment, the sagging cheeks and double chin lines are naturally improved.

  • Only 1 hour treatment is sufficient treatment time is approximately 1 hour
  • 100% local anesthesia procedure performed at the dentist patient safety is the top priority
  • Safe treatment using ultrasound within 24 hours
    daily life is possible
  • Minimal tissue damage almost no
Unique treatment philosophy of Cheongdam EL Dermatology

‘Ultrasonic Contouring’

that transforms your face into
the smooth and youthful shape.

Using the safe ultrasonic energy, we naturally improve the ‘drooping jowl’ and ‘sagging jaw line,’ which make you look older and give the unfavorable impression.

The moment a physician touches your precious face with a knife, you will regret it for the rest of your life, and as time goes by, it becomes awkward and accelerates aging.

Using the ultrasonic energy, we selectively remove the sagging fat cells due to aging and then regenerate the natural tissues to improve the sagging face and elasticity, giving you the baby face.

Cheongdam EL Clinic

Ultrasonic contouring of Cheongdam EL
is not just the simple fat removal surgery.

Reflecting all principles for the natural and fundamental aging restoration treatment,
This treatment is the symbolic, high-level procedure at Cheongdam EL Dermatology Clinic.

What is the ‘ultrasonic contouring’?

Using the safe ultrasonic energy without the surgery by knife,
In the process of dissolving the sagging fat cells and expelling them out of the body to regenerate the natural collagen,
You can improve the contour of your face and achieve the natural lifting effect.

Treatment results of ultrasonic contouring

Ultrasonic contouring for the sagging cheeks

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    After treatment

  • Before treatment

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    2 years After treatment

Cheongdam EL Clinic
Why the face shape changes as you age
  • 01

    Loss of three-dimensional effect due to the decrease in bone volume

    As aging progresses, the bones around the eyes widen,
    the three-dimensional effect disappears, and the cheekbone/jawbone becomes flat with the decrease of such bones.

  • 02

    Reduction of the fat volume of deep cheek, sagging of mid-face area

    As the volume of deep cheek fat, which occupies the largest area of the face, decreases, the cheek fat sags and droops Along with this, jowls and nasolabial folds appear,and marionette wrinkles appear around the mouth.

  • 03

    Weakening of the facial retaining ligaments and fascia of SMAS layer

    As aging progresses, the entire face falls downward. Tear-troughs, Indian lines, nasolabial folds, and marionette wrinkles deepen, and a double chinappears.

Cheongdam EL Clinic
Treatment area by ultrasonic contouring
  • Improvement of sagging cheeks, jowl
    fat from old age
  • Improvement of nasolabial folds
    marionette wrinkles
    facial expression wrinkles
  • Improvement of facial contour of
    chin and neckline
  • Improvement of double chin
    sagging chin fat
Cheongdam EL Clinic
Full facelift VS Ultrasonic contouring
  • What is the ‘full facelift’?

    The procedure to lift up the sagging part after making the incision in the sagging skin.

    Bruising and swelling may appear and interfere with daily life for 2-3 weeks after surgery.
    High risk of remaining of scars during life.
    Severely damaged tissues age more rapidly than normal tissues.
    As aging progresses, there is a high possibility that your impression will change and become awkward.
  • What is the ‘ultrasonic contouring’?

    The procedure that improves your contour with the ultrasonic energy.

    No incisions are made, so there is no possibility of scarring.
    It progresses without bleeding and pain, and you can return to your daily routine within 24 hours.
    Solve the fundamental problem by permanently killing the sagging fat cells.
    Due to the regeneration of collagen and elastin, the contour line becomes more natural over time.
    Treatment needed only once in a lifetime.
Cheongdam EL Clinic
Distinction points of ultrasonic contouring
  • 1st distinction point

    By ultrasonic cannula
    removes the sagging facial fat cells

    Sagging cheeks, jowl, double chin, etc.
    Such unwanted mid-lower facial fat cells are gently
    melted and expelled from the body.

    It is performed under 100% local anesthesia and is the extremely
    delicate procedure.
    Minimizes tissue damage, causing almost no pain and bleeding.
    Even your impression will naturally improve.

  • 2nd Distinction point

    Through sufficient recovery,
    Induction of the natural tissue regeneration

    Promoting the creation of collagen and elastin inside the skin using ultrasound energy,
    Elasticity and contour are continuously and naturally improved
    over 12 to 18 months.

    Additionally, you can achieve the effect of lifting and making
    your face smaller.

  • 3rd distinction point

    No tissue damage, bleeding, and pain

    Minimizes tissue damage and proceeds without bleeding or pain
    You can return to your daily routine within 24 hours.

Cheongdam EL Clinic
Effect of ultrasonic contouring
  • Reduction of the facial fat cell weight

    Reduces the weight of sagging fatty tissue and prevents continued
    sagging Improves facial contour and elasticity.

  • Natural lifting effect without cutting with knife

    Rather than forcibly pulling it up, it naturally recovers the elasticity.
    so, you don't end up with the awkward face.

Cheongdam EL Clinic
I recommend it to someone like this
  • Those whose face becomes dark and who gets fat from the old age.
  • Those who have saggy cheeks but look wider in the jaw area.
  • Those with the unclear jaw and neck boundaries due to the sagging cheeks.
  • Those who want to naturally lift their face by improving the elasticity without using the knife.
  • Those who have not acquire the good results from filler, botox, laser, etc.
Cheongdam EL Clinic
Appropriate treatments when received together

These are the recommended procedure for the fundamental aging restoration that can maximize the effects of ultrasonic contouring.

  • Complete reconstruction of fat under the eye

    Representative aging restoration
    treatment of Cheongdam EL
    Dermatology that provides natural and fundamental improvement
    Of fat under the eyes and dark circles which are protruding

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  • Volume correction for baby face

    Volume/contour correction
    Using stem cell autologous fat

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  • Facial expression habits clinic

    Key treatment for the aging restoration that fundamentally improves the bad changes under the eyes and creates the volume and lifting effects, and the brighter impression.

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  • Ulthera, Thermage FLX & Silhouette Fix Lifting

    Ulthera and Thermage FLX tailored to the skin concerns and Silhouette Fix Lifting for elasticity/lifting effects.

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Distinction points of Cheongdam EL

The promise not to leave any damage to customers’ skin,
We have kept this promise for the past 14 years and will continue to do so in the future.

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