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Tips for choosing dermatology clinics

Direct advice from the representative director
Tips for choosing the competent dermatology clinics
  • Can you see a doctor in the consultation room?

    There is something that the customers who visit Cheongdam EL Dermatology Clinic for the first time often say.
    "uh? “In this clinic, the director provides consultation directly!”

    To be honest, I'm not very happy about this.
    It is why just one wrong treatment can leave the patients with lifelong regrets.

    Rather than being the knowledgeable and experienced dermatologist responsible for my precious face,
    If the counseling director provides consultation and decides on the procedure,
    You may need to think carefully before starting treatment.

    Cheongdam EL TIP

    Ensure that all patients are directly consulted 1:1 by the director.

  • Do they only solve the ‘visible’ aging phenomenon right away?

    ‘Sagging’, ‘drooping’, ‘wrinkles’ - these are the typical problems that come to mind when we think of aging.
    Those of you who are reading this article are probably thinking about these problems as well.

    But is it okay to simply fill in sunken areas, tighten the saggy areas, and numb the wrinkles with Botox?
    This is similar to roughly covering only the surface of a sinkhole so that people can't see it.

    If a treatment that only covers up symptoms is continued without identifying the underlying cause,
    or if a treatment damages the skin,
    Rather, there is a high probability that you will see your face looking worse or awkward.

    Cheongdam EL TIP

    Check the hospital’s philosophy on the anti-aging medical and aesthetic treatment & visit the place that provides the fundamental treatment for the cause

  • Are they trying to solve everything with just procedures/surgery?

    People express their emotions through the facial expressions.
    And the ‘facial expression habits’ they make for the longest time each day determine their ‘impression’.

    Treatments and surgeries can definitely be of great help in treating the aging.
    However, the overall ‘feeling’, ‘impression’, and even ‘eye look’ of their face cannot be adjusted.

    The clinic that provides the natural and harmonious anti-aging treatment that takes into account your own facial muscle movements, Furthermore, the clinic that can brighten your impression with facial expression treatment, we recommend such a clinic.

    Cheongdam EL TIP

    Go to the clinic who listens carefully to the patient's concerns and provides personalized treatment that even takes into account the facial muscle movements.