The name Cheongdam EL Dermatology Clinic
is derived from my philosophy.

This is Byungchul Kim, a representative director of Cheongdam EL, who is a dermatologist specializing in the healthy and fundamental aging restoration.
Over the past 14 years, I have been working to restore the facial aging naturally and have had the opportunity to treat many famous people unduly.

However, in this article explaining my medical philosophy, I would like to give up the title of a doctor who treats the celebrities.
It is because I have my own value that I consider important, as a dermatologist who insists on the healthy aging restoration treatment.

We are treating the various elements of agingfundamentally.

Natural youth, good impression.
These are my repayment to the patients who trusted and visited Cheongdam EL.

If you are asking why I majored in ‘dermatology’, I think I can give you the answer with the photo below. : )

My eldest child is just like me and is very dexterous. From the age of 6, he loved making origami like the picture with a piece of paper.
(Of course, he also loved assembling Lego well^^)

From the young age, I also felt great happiness in creating a thing without realizing how time passed.
I liked helping others, and unlike other children my age, I had delicate dexterity. I wanted to become a ‘doctor who performs surgery’ to treat sick people.

However, after much deliberation, I chose the dermatology department thanks to the persuasion of my doctor relatives
who had experienced the tension of dealing with life and the irrationality of the Korean medical system.
Having dreamed of becoming a surgeon, I naturally became interested in the field of ‘skin surgery’.
Now, I find great satisfaction in improving the lives of many people through the surgery to restore aging.

Although I could not become a surgeon who saved patients' lives, which was my childhood dream,
Keeping my promise to become a ‘doctor’ who provides the anti-aging beauty treatments that I am not ashamed of,

  • Do not cause any harm
    to the patient's face and mind,
  • To the extent that it is impossible to tell whether the treatment has been performed
    to preserve the natural look for a long time,
  • Patients can receive treatment
    with peace of mind,

I am working to save the lives of those who ask helps of me through delicate and correct treatment.