Hair Pouches/Scars/Stretch Marks
Hair Pouches/Scars/Stretch Marks

Treatment is provided directly by the dermatologist with the

accurate and extensive knowledge about the skin.

  • 1:1 customized treatment Customized diagnosis for each individual’s skin type
  • Delicate treatment Minimizes the skin damage
  • Regenerative treatment Simultaneous restoration of the skin inside and outside
  • Treatment by dermatologists Abundant clinical know-hows
Unique treatment philosophy of Cheongdam EL Dermatology

Concerns about the hair pouches and scars,
Please visit us only those who want to solve the problem ‘properly’.

Although the causes of scars and hair pouches are all different, it is impossible for the skin tissue that has already changed to return to the normal condition naturally without the treatment.

Cheongdam EL induces the regeneration of skin tissue and restores the natural skin by providing the appropriate stimulation to the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin.

In addition, the dermatologist with the accurate understanding of the skin and extensive knowledge of the wound recovery and regeneration of skin tissue will directly assist you with the procedure.

Cheongdam EL Clinic

The equipment needed varies depending on the hair pouches/scars/stretch marks.
Cheongdam EL only possesses the luxury treatment equipment.

To suit the shape of the hair pouch and the depth of the scar,
We will restore the skin with the most appropriate treatment equipment and methods.

Cheongdam EL Clinic
Type of Scars
  • 01

    Pitted scar

    From the shallow scars on the skin's surface to the deep scars caused by the surgery or accidents,
    the experienced dermatologists provide a variety of treatments depending on the condition.

  • 02

    Keloids and hypertrophic scars

    Keloids and hypertrophic scars are initially difficult to distinguish. Keloids are treated non-surgically, and hypertrophic scars are treated with both the surgery and laser treatment.

  • 03

    Stretch marks

    It occurs due to the sudden weight gain, the pregnancy and childbirth, the rapid growth, and long-term use of steroid ointments on the sensitive skin.

Cheongdam EL Clinic
Distinction points of the treatment of Hair Pouches/Scars/Stretch Marks by Cheongdam EL
  • 1st distinction point

    1:1 customized solution

    The shape of hair pouches, the depth of scars,
    the degree of skin damage, the causes and symptoms,
    etc., are various

    From person to person We carefully diagnose the cause for each individual Also, we design the customized treatment for you.

  • 2st distinction point

    Possessing a variety of world-class
    luxury lasers

    Customized laser is applied according to the individual skin type and symptoms, We treat the hair pouches, scars, and stretch marks.

  • 3st distinction point

    Skin barrier regeneration care

    The key to treating the hair pouches/scars/stretch marks is to promote the skin regeneration.

    With the regenerative care program that restores the skin barrier,
    Maximize the effectiveness of hair pouches/scars/stretch marks treatment.

Cheongdam EL Clinic
Various causes of the hair pouches occurrence

모When your hair pouches become enlarged, the skin looks dirty and gives the aged and unclean look.
However, no matter how hard you apply the expensive cosmetics, the enlarged hair pouches can never be improved.

Therefore, those who want to have skin as clean as the peeled eggs definitely need the treatment of hair pouches.
After that, it is important to prevent and manage the hair pouches to prevent them from enlarging again.

  • Sebum secretion problem
  • Skin aging,
    oss of elasticity
  • UV rays,
    skin damage
  • Bad habits,
    external environment
Cheongdam EL Clinic
From deep scars to shallow scars
  • How to treat the ‘deep scars’

    Stem cell micro-autologous fat transplantation
    Dermis regeneration injection by Cheongdam EL
  • How to treat the ‘shallow scars’/hair pouches/stretch marks

    Ulthera (1.5mm Transducer)
    Mirajet (JubeLook, Lenisna)
    Icon 1540 XD
    Pico4 DOE
    Picoway Resolve
    Vbeam Perfecta
    Skin Botox
    Dermis regeneration injection by Cheongdam EL
    Chlorophyl PDT: Sebum control acquired when treating the hair pouches

Only by analyzing your skin condition correctly,
You can know which treatment is best for you.

Cheongdam EL Dermatology Clinic uses VISIA, the state-of-the-art facial imaging analysis equipment, to accurately measure the current skin condition as well as the invisible skin conditions. This is why Cheongdam EL Dermatology Clinic can provide 1:1 customized treatment to patients.

  • Pigment disease

  • Wrinkles

  • skin texture

  • UV spots

  • Hair pouch

  • Acne

  • Hot flush

  • porphyrin
Cheongdam EL Clinic
Hair pouches/scars/stretch marks treatment process by Cheongdam EL
  • 01

    Gentle cleansing

  • 02

    Application of the anesthetic cream

  • 03

    Application of the anesthetic cream

    (Potenza, Mirajet, Laser, etc.)

  • 04

    Chlorophyl PDT

  • 05

    Skin barrier care

Cheongdam EL Clinic
We recommend it to someone like this
  • People with the various scars such as the acne scars and marks
  • Those who want to treat the scars without putting too much strain on the body.
  • Those whose skin appears rough due to the enlarged hair pouches
  • Those with hair pouches/scars due to the acne or sebum secretion
  • Those who want to receive the in-depth scar treatment from the dermatologist
  • Those who want to treat the stretch marks caused by the pregnancy, weight gain, or rapid growth.
Cheongdam EL Clinic
Appropriate treatments when received together
  • Dermis regeneration Injection by Cheongdam EL

    Injection treatment of Cheongdam EL for the skin regeneration

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  • Potenza

    Customized treatment according to the skin concerns on the
    wrinkles, elasticity, pores, scars, redness, freckles, etc.

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  • Mirajet Skin Booster

    The best VIP rejuvenation treatment that solves the various skin concerns

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Distinction points of Cheongdam EL

The promise not to leave any damage to customers’ skin,
We have kept this promise for the past 14 years and will continue to do so in the future.

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