As if erased with the eraser, Cheongdam EL boldly invests in the diagnostic equipment and laser devices.

  • 1:1 customized treatment Accurate diagnosis of pigment disease
  • Delicate treatment Minimizes the skin damage
  • Treatment using laser Complex laser according to pigment
  • Skin barrier improvement care Lasting whitening effect
Unique treatment philosophy of Cheongdam EL Dermatology

Even though receiving the multiple pigment treatments,
For those who have darker colors

There are many different types of pigment diseases, including melasma, freckles, age spots, blemishes, moles, and incurable pigment diseases.

To solve this problem, the clear cause identification and diagnosis are required. Although the pigment diseases appear similar on the outside, their diagnosis, causes, and treatment methods are all different.

Cheongdam EL uses the world-class skin diagnosis imaging equipment (Visia) to conduct the thorough diagnosis. Additionally, since we have a variety of laser equipment, we can use the most appropriate equipment for the pigmentation diseases.

Cheongdam EL Clinic

The key to treating the pigment diseases is:
Accurate diagnosis and appropriate laser use.

Cheongdam EL boldly invests in the high-quality laser equipment.
정We provide the delicate treatment based on the accurate diagnosis and even help with whitening care.

Cheongdam EL Clinic
Types of pigment diseases
  • 01


    It is the most representative pigmentation disease
    caused by the excessive production of melanin pigment and the various changes in the dermis.

  • 02


    It is the disease that occurs when melanocytes produce too much pigment in the epidermal layer of the skin.

  • 03


    It covers the pigmented skin diseases of various shapes and colors,
    including melasmas and
    freckles that appear on the face.

  • 04

    Age spots

    It is one of the skin aging phenomena and occurs when the keratin and epidermal
    cells locally thicken.

  • 05


    The mole refers to the nevus where the melanocytes gather in the epidermis or dermis to form.

  • 06

    Acquired bilateral nevus of Ota (ABNOM)

    It is the pigment disease that requires differentiation
    due to its appearance similar
    to freckles.

Cheongdam EL Clinic
Distinction points of the treatment of Melasma/Blemish/Pigmentation by Cheongdam EL
  • 1st distinction points

    We have a variety of luxury lasers

    Pico 4
    Hollywood Spectra
    ICON MaxG
    Pico Wave
    V Beam Perfecta

    For the best results and satisfaction,
    Cheongdam EL uses the world-class skin diagnosis equipment (VISIA)
    We accurately diagnose the skin condition and thoroughly check the laser treatment progress.

  • 2st distinction points

    Hypoallergenic and delicate treatment

    The most important point of pigmentation treatment is ‘hypoallergenic’ treatment.

    In order for the surrounding normal tissues and cells not to damaged, while trying to destroy the pigment,
    We treat it delicately.

  • 3st distinction points

    Combination of whitening & barrier regeneration care

    After laser treatment, the skin barrier function temporarily decreases.

    To regenerate the barrier function as quickly as possible,
    Accompanied by whitening care.


Only by analyzing your skin condition correctly,
You can know which treatment is best for you.

Cheongdam EL Dermatology Clinic uses VISIA, the state-of-the-art facial imaging analysis equipment, to accurately measure the current skin condition as well as the invisible skin conditions. This is why Cheongdam EL Dermatology Clinic can provide 1:1 customized treatment to patients.

  • Pigment disease

  • Wrinkles

  • skin texture

  • UV spots

  • Hair pouch

  • Acne

  • Hot flush

  • porphyrin
Cheongdam EL Clinic
Whitening treatment process of melasmas/blemishes/pigmentation by Cheongdam EL
  • 01

    Gentle Cleansing

  • 02

    Application of anesthetic cream

  • 03

    Whitening laser treatment

  • 04

    Skin soothing therapy

  • 05

    Skin barrier care

Cheongdam EL Clinic
We recommend it to someone like this
  • Those who want the multiple skin improvement effects with just one treatment
  • Those who want to treat the recurrent melasma
  • Those who want to remove the freckles, blemishes, and age spots
  • Those who see no change even after using the whitening products
  • Those who want to improve the dull facial tone
Cheongdam EL Clinic
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Distinction points of Cheongdam EL

The promise not to leave any damage to customers’ skin,
We have kept this promise for the past 14 years and will continue to do so in the future.

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