Silhouette Fix Lifting
Silhouette Fix Lifting

The effect of this treatment is not good for a while and doesn't go away quickly.
As time goes by, it becomes more and more resilient.

  • Short treatment time approximately 1 hour
  • Procedure without the sleep anesthesia local anesthesia at the dentist
  • Minimized downtime ready for everyday life
  • Non-invasive procedure Pain/bleeding/bruising/swelling are minimized
Unique treatment philosophy of Cheongdam EL Dermatology

By 0% damage of the nerve and tissue,
How do you get the elasticity and lifting effect at the same time?

It is natural for your skin to lose elasticity and volume, as you age. However, you are forced to have such feeling of being concerned… We completely understand.

Are you afraid that the surgery using the knife will make your look awkward, and are you worried that the good effect would appear for a short time and then disappear after receiving the procedure?

To solve this problem, Cheongdam EL offers the ‘Silhouette Fix Lifting’ treatment, which provides the powerful elasticity and lifting effects.

We use the ‘Silhouette Soft’, which improves the facial contours, and the ‘Nfix’, the specially made thread with strong fixation, to find the most appropriate combination for the individual.

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By combination that is perfect for each individual’s skin,
Elasticity and lifting can be achieved at the same time.

This is not the procedure where the effect appears briefly and then disappears quickly.
It is the fundamental treatment that improves the contour and elasticity over time.

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Thread lifting VS Silhouette fix lifting
  • What is the ‘thread lifting’?

    Lifting procedure using the cog thread

    There is a limit to lifting as about 3-4 strands are used.
    The maintenance period is short, about 1 to 6 months.
    Possibility of loosening the fixation by opening the mouth wide or rubbing the skin.
  • What is the ‘Silhouette Fix Lifting’?

    Lifting treatment using Silhouette Soft & Nfix threads

    Strong lifting and fixation with 6 to 8 strands of Silhouette Soft and 10 to 20 strands of Nfix.
    The maintenance period is about 1 year and 6 months to 2 years.
    In fact, elasticity and contour improve over time.
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‘Silhouette Soft’ and ‘Npix’
  • Silhouette soft

    Uses the special fluid two-way cone.
    Relocates the tissue through the free design.
    Excellent effect in inducing the lifting and improving the contours.
    Maintains the fixation power despite the facial movement or external stimulation.
  • Nfix

    Manufactured by micro-punching method.
    Very stable chemically and physically.
    Strong holding power.
    Stays in the tissue for a long time and stimulates the collagen and elastin production.
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Distinction points of Silhouette Fix Lifting by Cheongdam EL
  • 1st distinction point

    Elasticity and lifting,
    A procedure that can kill two birds with one stone

    ‘Silhouette Soft’ that can lift the sagging face and create the natural facial contour lines be created

    ‘Nfix’ that can strongly fix the lifted skin and promote the collagen production to increase the elasticity

  • 2st distinction point

    Know-hows to create the homogenous skin

    Depending on the skin type and elasticity status, etc., Appropriately using the Nfix, Ulthera, Thermage, etc.,

    We have the know-hows To maximizes the lifting effect and prevents the roughness of the skin.

  • 3st distinction point

    Strong fixation possible with the
    accurate skin layer targeting

    As aging progresses, even in the ‘SMAS layer’ between the subcutaneous fat layer and the muscle layer, The elasticity of the fascia of the anterior layer part decreases and the skin sags.

    By accurately targeting the ‘fascia layer of anterior layer part’,
    which is the core layer of sagging skin, It strongly fixes the skin.

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We recommend it to someone like this
  • Those who want to naturally lift the sagging skin.
  • Those who want to resolve the facial sagging without using the knife.
  • Those who want to lift the nasolabial folds, cheeks, and sagging chin.
  • Those who want to improve the uneven facial lines.
  • Those who want to increase the facial elasticity naturally without being noticeable.
Cheongdam EL Clinic

Presented in the World Society of Dermatology

Face Lift with N-FIX, 2019

Cheongdam EL Clinic
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Distinction points of Cheongdam EL

The promise not to leave any damage to customers’ skin,
We have kept this promise for the past 14 years and will continue to do so in the future.

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