Introduction to Cheongdam EL

Distinction Points of Cheongdam EL

Healthy and delicate aging restoration
if you want the temporary and irritating procedure,
It may not be suitable for Cheongdam EL.
  • 1st distinction point of Cheongdam EL

    Not the exterior phenomenon,
    We treat the cause of problem.

    A temporary treatment? A trendy treatment?
    Cheongdam EL does not execute such treatments.

    Treatment that fills in damaged areas, pulls up saggy areas,
    and numbs the body with Botox.
    Such treatments only temporarily improve the aging
    phenomenon and cannot be the fundamental solution.

    Cheongdam EL Dermatology clinic
    analyzes the skin tissue and structure that has collapsed due to aging,
    So, we find and treat the root cause of aging.
    We strengthen the skin barrier and naturally
    slows down the aging of the face and skin.

  • 2st distinction point of Cheongdam EL

    We insist on the treatment by
    non-incision and non-sleeping method.
    There is not any compromise.

    We do not use a knife.
    We do not use the sedative anesthesia.

    If the skin is incised and the tissue is severely damaged,
    swelling and bruise will occur.
    Even if recovery occurs over time,
    the scar may change your appearance or make you look awkward.

    Inflicting the permanent skin and emotional scars on our customers due to a single wrong procedure,
    Cheongdam EL absolutely cannot tolerate such a treatment.
    This is why we insist on the non-incision and non-sleeping method.
    Side effects due to the aging restoration treatment?
    There hasn't been a single case so far.

  • 3st distinction point of Cheongdam EL

    From consultation to treatment and progress check
    We proceed with 1:1 customization.

    Cheongdam EL Dermatology always places the customers first and maintains the close communication.
    This is because we must carefully listen to each and every customer’s story,
    For natural aging restoration.

    As a result, we naturally hear about our customers’ life stories.
    Communication, which we started for the ‘best result’,
    has now become the driving force and strength of Cheongdam EL.
    Cheongdam EL will continue to provide treatment close to our
    customers in the future.

*As a specialist in skin surgery, I have specialized in only the field of aging restoration for 14 years.

*What is dermatologic surgery? This is a specialized field that treats the internal and surgical diseases of the skin,
including skin scars, skin transplants, wrinkle restoration, and skin cancer surgery.

Healthy and delicate aging restoration
Cheongdam EL Dermatology Clinic promises.
  • Strengthening skin barrier
    sustainable treatment

    It is not the temporary treatment but treats the essence of the skin
    by first strengthening the skin barrier.

  • Alleviating concerns
    patient safety first principles

    Do not do anything
    that may cause harm to the patient.

  • Private single room
    treatment system

    We protect the patient's
    personal privacy so that you can feel at ease both physically and mentally.

  • Only necessary treatment
    1:1 customized treatment

    We pursue the honest and correct treatment.
    We only recommend the necessary treatment.