Acne Treatment

The key to treating the acne is preventing the recurrence and acne scars.

  • 1:1 customized treatment Customized diagnosis for each individual skin type
  • Delicate treatment, Minimizes the skin damage
  • PDT & scaling Improvement of the excessive sebum secretion and thick stratum corneum
  • thick stratum corneum Prevention of the acne recurrence
Unique treatment philosophy of Cheongdam EL Dermatology

Getting rid of only the acne you see right away
It's just the temporary measure.

You've been really washing the face and taking care of it by using the scaling and skin care home devices.

Why do acne and inflammatory problems become more severe? There are many people who are worried.

The causes of acne vary greatly from person to person, including the seasonal changes, environmental changes such as travel, skin care products that do not suit the skin, stress, hormones, diet, and lack of sleep, etc.

Cheongdam EL accurately identifies the individual's skin condition and analyzes the cause to resolve the cause of acne. Our goal is to restore not only healthy skin, but also the healthy body, mind, and happy life.

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Do not do the extrusion, laser, or scaling at all costs. When treating acne, it is important to identify the cause.

Cheongdam EL does not simply treat the ‘acne’ that appears on the outside.
We prevent the recurrence and scarring.

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Types of Acne
  • 01

    Comedonal acne

    This appears white or black and has no inflammatory response.

  • 02

    Red acne

    This is the white pimple that becomes red, swollen, and painful due to the inflammatory reaction as bacteria multiply.

  • 03

    Purulent acne

    The condition in whichred acne festers and yellow pus accumulates is called the ‘purulent acne.’

  • 04

    Acne marks

    Red marks persistfor a long time after the acne inflammation,
    Or the dark brown pigment remains.

  • 05

    Acne Scars

    During the acne recovery process, the formation of skin fibrous tissue is insufficient,
    A pitted scar appears or appears red.

  • 06

    Complex Acne

    It is the complex condition of comedonal acne, inflammation, and acne scars
    due to the excessive sebum secretion.

Cheongdam EL Clinic
Distinction points of acne treatment by Cheongdam EL
  • 1st distinction points

    1:1 cause diagnosis and customized treatment system

    In order to properly treat the acne, The cause and individual skin condition must be accurately identified.

    Cheongdam EL provides the skin diagnosis using the imaging equipment, The cause is identified through the detailed medical examination and test.

  • 2st distinction points

    Solves the ‘sebum’ and ‘acne’ at once

    As acne is caused by the excessive sebum secretion
    and thickening of stratum corneum,

    We treat the sebum and stratum corneum together to prevent recurrence of acne

  • 3st distinction points

    Even acne marks are removed

    Once acne has passed, a black and red mark remains.

    Cheongdam EL combines the acne treatment and acne mark treatment, helps you feel confident in your skin even after treatment.


Only by analyzing your skin condition correctly,
You can know which treatment is best for you.

Cheongdam EL Dermatology Clinic uses VISIA, the state-of-the-art facial imaging analysis equipment, to accurately measure the current skin condition as well as the invisible skin conditions. This is why Cheongdam EL Dermatology Clinic can provide 1:1 customized treatment to patients.

  • Pigment disease

  • Wrinkles

  • skin texture

  • UV spots

  • Hair pouch

  • Acne

  • Hot flush

  • porphyrin
Cheongdam EL Clinic
Treatment Process of acne by Cheongdam EL
  • 01

    Gentle Cleansing

  • 02

    Acne Extrusion

  • 03


  • 04

    Acne intralesional injection

  • 05

    Skin barrier care

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We recommend it to someone like this
  • Those who want to treat the acne and improve the skin texture and hair pouches at the same time
  • Those who want to fundamentally treat the persistent acne
  • Those who feel uncomfortable taking the acne medication
  • Those who want to treat the acne and acne scars at the same time
  • Those who secrete the excessive sebum
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Special career

<Paper on the effect of photodynamic therapy using the chlorophyll component of Spirulina>
Photodynamic therapy using chlorophyll-a
in the treatment of acne vulgaris: A randomized
single-blind, split-face study (JAAD, 2014)

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Appropriate treatments when received together
  • Sensitive skin barrier care

    Treatment for the fundamental skin health and recovery

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  • Potenza (invasive)

    Improves the fine
    wrinkles, hair pouches, scars, elasticity, acne, and freckles, Using the needle hi-frequency energy

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  • Mirajet Skin Booster

    The best VIP rejuvenation treatment that solves the various skin concerns

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Distinction points of Cheongdam EL

The promise not to leave any damage to customers’ skin,
We have kept this promise for the past 14 years and will continue to do so in the future.